Music Photography.

"'Cause in this world of troubles
My music pulls me through."

~ John Miles

Emotions from gigs, including performers
Kimberly and the DreamtimeMari Sild
Melina Soochan, Mona Lissa Chanda.

Vibes at rehearsal and recording sessions.

Instruments. Equipment. Up-close. Personal.

Live Gigs.

Pop, Bossa Nova, Classical... The world of music.
Captured on stages in Canada and Germany.

Live: Kimberly and the Dreamtime.

A spirited, Montreal-based Soft Rock outfit.
Poetry you can dance to.

Live: Mari Sild.

Estonian singer and songwriter.
Sparkling with joy and energy.

Live: Melina Soochan.

Singer, songwriter, pianist from Montreal.
Jazz and Pop sensitivities, packed with rhythm and wit.

Live: Mona Lissa Chanda.

An exquisite Montreal-based lyricist and performer.
Playing on the lines between Jazz and Electronica.


Scenes from rehearsals, recording sessions.
Knobs, sliders, mics, padded walls. Studio air.


Around the music: close-ups of instruments.
Before gigs, behind the scenes, in the limelight.