Packages & Pricing.

What to expect from Matt's portrait and event photography services.

Package: Portraits.
Portrait photography for LinkedIn, your website and promotional materials, your professional portfolio.

Package: Event.
Impressions of your live concert, business expo, language exchange or any other event. Share them with your audience and promote your brand.

How does Matt work?
Learn what to expect before, during and after a photo session with Matt: from guided preparations to the delivery of your photos.

Package Overview.

You and I are partners with the common goal of crafting amazing photography. Whether the subject is you or your event, I will guide you every step of the way.



  • Opening consultation
  • Guided preparations
  • Session location
  • Session duration
  • *1 # of Top Shots
  • *2 # of Executive Shots
  • Delivery as



  • Opening consultation Skype or in person
  • Guided preparations Via e-mail
  • Session location As agreed
  • Session duration Max. 1.5h
  • *1 # of Top Shots 20-30
  • *2 # of Executive Shots 1
  • Delivery as Full-res JPGs



  • Opening consultation Skype or in person
  • Guided preparations Via e-mail
  • Session location Event venue
  • Session duration 2-3h
  • *1 # of Top Shots 40-60
  • *2 # of Executive Shots 5
  • Delivery as Full-res JPGs

*1 Additional Top Shots: $30 for <20 additional shots. What is this?
*2 Additional Executive Shots: $10 per shot. What is this?

How does Matt work?

How does our deal go down? Here are the details.
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What are "Top Shots" and "Executive Shots"? (Video)

What are "Top Shots" and "Executive Shots"? (Text)

After a session, we professionally retouch all photos for you. Edits for these Top Shots include:

  • Exposure and colour correction
  • Cut/crop, where necessary
  • Hot pixel removal
  • Subtle noise reduction
  • Local contrast for enhanced depth

Afterwards, you can choose one or more Executive Shots, which we will manually retouch further. Steps can include:

  • Local correction of lights/shadows
  • Toning of shiny/overexposed areas
  • Sharpening and brightening of the
  • Attenuation/removal of wrinkles, stains or other unwanted elements of a shot

Where do we meet for portrait photos?

In the preparation phase, we agree on an indoor or outdoor location, from parks to your home. I will advise you on the options and the right location choices for the kind of portrait you need.

I also have a home studio which we can use for upper-body and headshots.