Live Music Photography.

"'Cause in this world of troubles
My music pulls me through."

~ John Miles

Emotions from gigs, including performers
Kimberly and the DreamtimeMari Sild
Melina Soochan, Mona Lissa Chanda.

Various Artists.

Pop, Bossa Nova, Classical... The world of music.
Captured on stages in Canada and Germany.

Kimberly and the Dreamtime.

A spirited, Montreal-based Soft Rock outfit.
Poetry you can dance to.

Mari Sild.

Estonian singer and songwriter.
Sparkling with joy and energy.

Melina Soochan.

Singer, songwriter, pianist from Montreal.
Jazz and Pop sensitivities, packed with rhythm and wit.

Mona Lissa Chanda.

An exquisite Montreal-based lyricist and performer.
Playing on the lines between Jazz and Electronica.